As a business owner, recent world events (and those in our own neighborhoods) can be stressful.  Our default reaction might be to withdraw and hold our entrepreneurial breath … to see what happens next before we commit to any course of action.

But what we really need right now is courage.  Courage to keep moving forward … even if circumstances keep changing and our situations seem precarious.

What CAN we do?  HOW can we move forward when there is SO much uncertainty?

We can be present and be of service.  Think of your responsibility to your Team, your clients, your family … even yourself.  How can you create a safe space to communicate with them?  Let them know you are there … ready to support them?  Positive communication is needed and appreciated.  We can’t do everything … but we can do something.

We can find solutions to problems. I’m so encouraged by the solutions I see everyday in the businesses around me.  My Pilates instructor is running online mat sessions.  Restaurants are providing free delivery … or curbside pickup.  What else can we create to make it easier to do business?  To help each other through this tough time?

We can step up to lead.  This is a must.  Your family, your Team, your clients, your community … are all looking to you for leadership.  Even leadership with trembling hands and wobbling knees is welcomed at this time.

We don’t need perfection.  We don’t need glitz.  We need empathy, compassion, honesty and courage.  We need forward motion … that supports and encourages ALL of us.

We are better together.  Let’s do this!