Speaking Engagements

Everyone wants to learn, but not many event attendees want to be lectured to. Let Ruth Mannschreck engage your participants and create connection between their immediate needs and her approach to solving problems. Real world examples and personal experience combine to create valuable content and memorable solutions. Make it easy for your attendees to take action on what they learn.

Here are just a few of our current topics. For other topics, please feel free to contact us.

“Is Anyone Listening to My Marketing?!?”
How to make sure your Marketing reaches your Target Audience.

The marketing world is noisy and confusing. In this seminar Ruth walks your attendees through:

  • Who should you be talking to
  • What language to use so potential clients seek you out
  • Location, location, location – where to put your marketing
  • Everything is testing

“Leading my Team is like Herding Cats!”
What must you have in place to improve engagement, cooperation and results?

It’s all about results. Some days, leading a Team is just exhausting. In this seminar Ruth walks your attendees through:

  • Why is it so hard to find good employees?
  • How can I avoid the [Hire – Train – They Leave] cycle?
  • I’m the boss – why am I not in control here?
  • Let’s find an approach with more impact!