Small Business Workshops

Being a solo-preneur or a small business owner is exciting…

but it can be very lonely.

Sometimes it seems the more you need to learn and experience, the smaller your available budget.

Small business workshops are a perfect way to learn and grow without having to hold your financial breath.  Learn in a small safe environment and practice your new skills before breaking out to use them on your own.

Leap to Cash  is specifically designed to combat the “roller coaster cash flow” so common to small businesses.  Learn not only who your perfect client is, but where to find them, how to talk to them and how to do business with them (again and again and again).

Break the Next Ceiling  is perfect for small businesses trying to break through to the next level.  Whether you have no Team, are not sure you have the right Team, or are struggling with leverage of a solid Team, this program will help you create a process you will use again and again as you move into the world of leverage and the freedom it can bring.