You’ve seen it on TV Crime shows.  When Crime Scene Technicians examine a crime scene, they often turn off the lights and search the area with flashlights.  They don’t let their brain get distracted by absorbing information from the entire room all at the same time.  They are then able to focus more effectively on smaller chunks or streams of information

When parts of your brain are over-stimulated (too much information all at once), your brain slides into neutral and stops processing some of the data.  It’s a survival strategy and we all do it – whether you think you do or not.

Chaos Containment is the intentional blocking out of a significant amount of sensory information, to allow your brain to be more effective with a smaller amount of information.

As small business owners, how do we contain the chaos that swirls around us every waking moment of the day?  For some of us that might mean closing the door to your office and not being disturbed for 20 minutes in a row.

For others, it might mean NOT checking email until 10:00 in the morning and then not again until 3 in the afternoon.

Some might need to place an entire person in-between themselves and the onslaught of information.  This might be having an assistant collecting data, organizing it and reporting it to you at regular intervals.

Those of you who think that “multi-tasking” is the answer – I’m sorry, it doesn’t work as well as you think it does.

Research has shown us (again and again) that the human brain can only focus on and address intentionally one thing at a time.  Everything else is shifted over to auto-pilot.  Unfortunately, many of us run big chunks of our lives on auto-pilot.  Do you really think you get your BEST results when you are running on auto-pilot?

All this is to say that you can’t do your best work with half your brain tied behind your back.  Take a stand and champion your own best results.  How would fighting for your “right to focus and execute” change the results in your business?

If objections flood your brain as to why this won’t work in your situation – let’s do some brainstorming.  Ad to the comments.  Let’s start a conversation.  All you’ve got to lose is some of that chaos.