Having a Team or Staff of any size always adds the complexity of human nature and personalities with their associated lipstick on 200 pigbehavior styles.  That’s a nice way to say that life in the office can get messy.

Two of the more interesting problems that clients bring to us regarding Team members are 1) those Team members who seem to taint the atmosphere in the office with their venom and 2) those Team members you believe to be irreplaceable who want to leave.  We’ll talk about the irreplaceable another day.

Today, let’s focus on the caustic few who seem to silently enjoy ruining some unsuspecting person’s day.

In an office where the Culture in designed by default, the unspoken rule appears to be:  “If you get your assigned job finished, I agree to pay you”.  This is an office where the relationship between the Leader and the Team is characteristically on one level.  That level is the horizontal relationship between the Leader and the Team.

Leader ——-  Team Member

In an office where the Culture is designed by a “Client-Centered Matrix”, the relationship between the Leader and the Team has 2 dimensions to it.  One, horizontal between the Leader and the Team Member.  More importantly, there is a vertical dimension that describes the relationship with the Client.  It looks like this:


/            \

/                 \

Leader ———Team Member

The piece that enables the entire, balanced relationship to flourish, is the set of Core Values integral to the business, which defines the relationship with the client, the relationships within the Team, and relationships with the Leader.  This presentation of Core Values is comprehensive in that it describes Roles not just Job Descriptions.

Stop for a moment, and imagine your office with less strife, less back-stabbing, less headache – BY DESIGN.  It is possible.  You have only to take a first step and be intentional.  When you’re ready, let’s talk about it.