Shoreline Strategies was founded in response to an unsatisfied need among professional service providers for a process which would focus the business owners time, energy and resources in areas which would lead to the biggest, most impactful, short and long-term growth. The process also had to create a culture which attracted and supported the best possible Team Members.

As business owners that provide specific services, the tasks of finding the right employees, teaching our Team to care for our patients/clients with velvet gloves, keeping track of marketing and sales numbers, tactics and plans – are all things which feel like necessary evils in the day to day running of our businesses. WE THOUGHT we were in business to provide services to our patients/clients.  What we end up doing is so much more.

I’m Dr. Ruth Mannschreck, a dentist who seemingly had it all. When I first started, my new practice was going strong; my family included my husband and two small boys – busy but manageable and very supportive. Then disaster struck. Our daughter was born amid multiple complications and trauma which left her struggling to contend with long-term disabilities. When she finally came home from the hospital I felt torn.  I didn’t want to give up my practice that was going strong. I also couldn’t leave my daughter for the long days at the office. It was not an option to “just keep doing what I had been doing”.

What I discovered was a process, a Matrix if you will, which allowed me to:

increase my revenue,
decrease my number of hours worked,
increase my patient satisfaction,
empower my Team, and
role model a better way of giving back.

This process, The Matrix, gave me the freedom to be there for my “special needs” child and still be able to grow my practice as patients demanded. It’s more than just deciding to live life on MY terms. It’s being absolutely clear about:

  • WHY I was in practice,
  • WHAT I wanted my practice to represent to the world,
  • HOW I wanted to care for my patients and my amazing Team,
  • HOW my Team would represent me when I wasn’t present and what my Legacy (through my family and my practice) would be. It became fun to be in the office again.
  • I was able to provide the finest care for my patients,
  • I supported and equipped my Team to live a bigger life than they ever thought possible,
  • we attracted the patients we love to serve and
  • we give back to the community, locally and globally.

My passion is to provide this blueprint to other professional service providers and small business owners. If you want to do more, give more, be more and provide more to your loved ones and your passion to give back – you are in the right place. Here is the design (The Matrix) to give you your intentional success. Let’s begin!

I work with clients all over the country, so reach out and let’s start a conversation.

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