Recently, we hired a company to bring a giant, old heavy refrigerator up out of our basement and haul it away.  I was quite clear in my description on the phone of just exactly how BIG and BULKY this refrigerator really was.

Two guys from the moving company showed up at our door – and my heart sank.  They both appeared to weigh about 80 pounds each, toothpick legs and scrawny arms laced with unidentifiable tattoos.  Big smiles, boundless energy and easy laughter, they teased each other, hooted and sang as they bounded down the stairs.

I followed them down the stairs, wondering how on earth I would move the giant beast after they dropped on themselves.  I was sure someone’s life was in danger.  I couldn’t make myself watch, so I went back upstairs and listened from around the corner.

All was quiet.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  I heard them chanting in unison:

1, 2, 3, step

1, 2, 3, step

1, 2, 3, step

I was shocked.  Suddenly they were at the top of the stairs. The younger one took one look at my face and said, “Had ya worried, didn’t we?”  I was speechless.

He said, “No worries, Ma’am.  We do it the same way every time.  Always works.”

High fives all around.  Big smiles.  Out the front door.  Job complete.

Seemingly unimpressive progress is the guts of a business.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are easily distracted by what I call “Bright Shinnies”.   The latest techniques, newest marketing strategies, fastest software.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus on quiet, efficient things that get the job done, perfectly, every time.

Mind your focus on the mundane, the “tried and true”, the bread and butter of your business.  Do you give it the respect and attention it deserves?  Do you role model that respect and attention for your Team?  Leave a comment and let us know what that looks like for you and your Team.